Services offered by R.E.M.T.C. include, but are not limited to:
  • Shock-sensitive, reactive, and explosive material testing, handling, and deactivation/disposal;
  • Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) detection and remediation;
  • Remediation of former explosive manufacturing sites;
  • Turn-key laboratory chemical packaging; and
  • Training certification for chemical and explosive handling.

Reactive, and Explosive Material: R.E.M.T.C. is one of the few firms in the United States to offer the following high hazard remediation services:

  • Evaluation, remote accessing using specialized equipment, and identification of shock-sensitive, reactive, and explosive material and chemical unknowns;
  • Field reactivity testing using flame, friction, and drop testing;
  • Stabilization and/or controlled detonation of shock-sensitive, reactive, and explosive material; and
  • Thermal treatment of manufactured blasting agents and pyrotechnic materials.

R.E.M.T.C. has developed expertise in the pre-treatment and decontamination of explosive plants and other structures where energetics or explosives were manufactured, stored, or used. Services provided by R.E.M.T.C. include:

  • Perchloric acid hood and duct inspections, stabilization and removal;
  • Pre-remedial surveys for explosive residue;
  • Dismantlement of contaminated underground pipes, duct work, sinks, drains, sumps, etc.
  • Containment/treatment of shock-sensitive , reactive and explosive materials.

Laboratory Chemical Packaging:
Lab pack services provided by R.E.M.T.C. include:
  • Sampling and field/laboratory analyses of chemical unknowns;
  • Material classification and segregation;
  • Stabilization, thermal treatment and/or controlled detonation of shock-sensitive, reactive, and explosive material;
  • Preparation of hazardous waste manifests and other shipping documents;
  • Transportation by fully-permitted hazardous waste haulers; and
  • Disposal at fully permitted and approved TSDFs (treatment, storage, and disposal facilities).

R.E.M.T.C.'s Training Specialists offer a wide range of chemical and explosive training certification courses (see Training). R.E.M.T.C.'s training programs are conducted in compliance with current USEPA, USDOT, OSHA, and state regulatory agency requirements for training and certification of individuals involved in all aspects of hazardous waste/materials handling, site investigation, and remediation.