R.E.M.T.C. Profile:
From its inception in 1991, R.E.M.T.C. has offered a wide range of specialized training and high hazard materials handling services, including; laboratory waste packaging and disposal (Lab-packing), cylinder remediation, and UXO detection/remediation services.  This mix of services has enabled R.E.M.T.C. to develop a diverse client base of engineers, consultants, contractors, government agencies, industrial and commercial companies, research facilities, and educational institutions. 

R.E.M.T.C. has developed an impressive array of specialized equipment specifically targeted at completing contracts for clients in a cost-effective and safe manner, on time and within budget.

R.E.M.T.C. has made a commitment to employing and contracting only those professionals who possess the education, training, experience, and sensitivity required to provide R.E.M.T.C. clients with the safest, most environmentally sound, and cost effective high hazard waste remediation, waste management, and personnel training solutions and programs available in the industry today.

Located in Branchville, New Jersey, R.E.M.T.C is strategically located to be highly mobile in order to provide standard, expedited, and emergency response services to clients throughout North America.