Reactive Chemical Containment Chamber (R.C.C.C.)


This equipment is designed to be highly mobile.  Lab pack quantity chemicals and other reactice materials can be remotely opened by any of the following methods.

  • Remotely unscrew caps
  • Remotely unscrew bungs of 5 gallon pails or less
  • Remotely drill caps, cans, etc.
  • Remotely break glass jars
  • Remotely cut plaster containers.

*This is not an explosive containment chamber and will not contain overpressures as a result of a detonation or deflagration

Since the highest degree of risk in the handling of shock sensitive, explosive, and reactive chemicals occurs during opening, R.E.M.T.C. has installed its remote opening equipment inside a custom-designed, portable Reactive Chemical Containment Chamber.  This chamber, which is unique in the industry, ensures the safe, remote opening of containers, and allows R.E.M.T.C. to conduct high hazard remediation work in densely populated, urban areas without the risk of an uncontrolled reaction. 

Equipment operates with compressed air, nitrogen, etc. with air tools.  Unit is equipped with all tools and cap removers necessary to perform any of the above tasks.  The unit is also equipped with a 55 gallon remote bung opener and can drill and puncture drums.

Grants may be available for these units through the Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.), USAI, and the D.H.S. Urban Area Security Initiative.


Please contact R.E.M.T.C. for more information about our pricing.


R.E.M.T.C. will provide user training at reasonable rates.  Other specialized certified training related to reactive & explosive materials are also available. 

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